GENX vs Millennial – sort of

So I hear what I thought was, prostitution, so I wondered what that was about.

GENX vs Millennial

For a while now I have been beating myself up about not be as tech savvy as I perceive others to be. I was saying things like “technology challenged” and “not very good with technology” … then this happened…This is my story of GENX vs Millennial.

We have a fitness center at my workplace. They offer classes and also have lots of equipment and machines. It is a very nice perk and helps take away the excuses of having to pay for a gym membership or not wanting to go to the gym after a long day.

I recently went to a yoga class. I was a little early and got into a little chat with the fitness instructor. She was telling me that she recently went to visit her mother and at some point her mother thrust her phone at her and said “Here, you fix this, you’re a millennial.”

The fitness instructor said, “Yes, I am a millennial, that makes me tech dependent, not tech savvy. Have your granddaughter take a crack at it.”

Stock photo from GENX vs Millennial

We had a laugh and got on with the yoga class, but that really got me thinking. I may not be as tech savvy as I’d like, but I am not tech dependent.

I can tell time on an analog clock. If I lost my phone, it would be irritating, but not like “losing my life,” I do just fine with paper lists and paper calendars. I can get places without GPS, and even get back. I can cook a meal without getting it in a box. I can find and check out a reference book (or any other book) at the library if I didn’t have internet. I send real greeting cards because I think people still like to get snail mail. I can sit and “do nothing” without having to check my phone or use it to avoid awkward moments.

Thinking about all those things made me realize I am quite capable. Also, that there are many ways to do something and get to the same end result. There doesn’t have to be a judgement.

I’m very fond of Millennials

Two of my favorite people are millennials – my kids!

Millennials help me challenge my “tried and true” points of view.

Here is a recent exchange.

A colleague (millennial) from another country came to headquarters for some training. The guy from out of town was telling us, 2 other millennial coworkers and me, that he went out with our boss the night before and he saw some sights around our city.

They were chatting so I turned to do some work, still half listening.

So I hear what I thought was, prostitution, so I wondered what that was about. I wondered if they drove through a part of town where there were prostitutes. I wondered where that was. I rejoined the conversation and said something like, “Gee, I don’t go out much at night, but I don’t have any idea which area of town prostitutes would hang out.”

To which my cute-as-a-button, millennial coworker said, “oh LuLu, (pet name she has for me) your old school methods (of standing on a street corner) are too cold! There are apps for that! Much warmer!

Oh my Gosh! We had a laugh at that! Especially since that is NOT what they were talking about.

The same cute-as-a-button coworker just found out she is pregnant. I do share some thoughts and memories, but I keep a lot to myself. She will figure it out and she will do it her own way.

She did inform me that “the app” says the baby is about the size of a grape this week.

GENXers  had books that told us the same thing.

So fun to see how we all get there. So fun to learn new things and do things new ways. That does not however, mean one way is bad or good, right or wrong, just different. That’s a good thing.