Get On a Kick

I look at it as a chance to develop a new skill, enjoy something new, and dabble in things that may lead to true passions…..

Do you ever get on a kick?

We sure do. We love them. Get on a kick, meaning discover a new hobby or dedicate some substantial time to an endeavor can be very enriching. It can often lead to learning new things about yourself and sometimes making new friends.  I used to get on kicks with the thought that they were going to last forever, then I felt bad when they didn’t. I used to think when I lost interest that I was lazy or lacked stick-to-it-ness. Not so.

Kicks are the opportunity to really immerse yourself in something and take it for a test ride. If you don’t let yourself have these kicks you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to learn and grow… and have some fun! Some things just run their course and they were fun and now you are open for something new. Granted, we should be responsible and mindful in our choices, but I’m talking about harmless kicks that are affordable and add joy to your life.

I look at it as a chance to develop a new skill, enjoy something new, and dabble in things that may lead to true passions or just be with us for a season. These kicks bring us joy, give us something fun to try and talk about, and cultivate mindfulness because your brain is more in the moment with new things and less on auto pilot.

Get on a kick? What is one of newest kicks, you ask?

I was recently gifted a panini maker! A coworker had one that she used a couple of times and decided it was too bulky to keep for the amount that she used it. Her panini kick that ended was my gain!  I love to cook and invent flavor combinations. I especially love to try to make foods from other countries and/or recreate a meal I had/saw at a restaurant.

Here are the panini combos we came up with on our first try.

Ham, tart apple, cheddar

Italian – salami, ham, provolone, peperoni, chopped mixed olives, banana peppers

Italian Panini

French toast made with cinnamon swirl bread

French Toast

Then Deane took the reigns. The silly/fun level always goes up when Deane is in charge.

Next we had-

Spam™-inis! – made with sliced Spam™ scrambled eggs, cheese, and onions


Weenie-inis! With wieners, cheese, and condiments

What would you make? Which combos would you experiment with?

Then there are kicks that come and go, but they come back again because they have gained a special place in your heart. Searching for and visiting Corny Roadside Attractions is one such kick. For some reason I have always enjoyed visiting big things, little things, and especially quirky things. Abandoned places too.

Muffler Man
What prompted this to be a thing?
South Dakota

We have gone both ways on our approach to Corny Roadside Attractions, sometimes they were the reason for the road trip and sometimes a serendipitous reward for going just a bit further. Always enjoyed, no matter the path that got us there.

We’d love to hear about your kicks and quirky finds!

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