Recommended Golf Products

Here’s some golf items that I use to continue to suck at the sport!….And why I like them.

I like the Noodle golf balls for longer courses. They are more forgiving on long drives than most balls. I have a pretty nasty slice, and these seem to tame it a little bit. They are not very responsive near the green. They don’t want to spin a lot. My short game isn’t great enough to notice a big difference in score though. Sometimes I just have to take an extra shot after rolling it off the back of the green. The forgiveness in the drives, though, means that I spend a little less time in the trees.

I like the Tour Soft golf balls when I’m playing a shorter course. We have plenty of municipal courses near where I live where the yardages are very short. One that I play often is a par 70, 5500 yard course. There are not many long drives needed on that course. The Tour Soft balls give me more spin near the greens for better short game control. But, they lack the forgiveness of the Noodle. I spend a bit more time hitting from the rough, but I like the spin control when I finally do get near the hole.