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From time to time we post stories that mention specific products. We also write a lot about activities in which we use products that are specific to that endeavor.

We are Bricolage Life, however, and our motto contains the words, grab whatcha got…….. So, we would be more excited if you were inspired to find a way to accomplish a goal without having to spend money on specific gear, than to have to make a purchase to make it happen. But…. If you do feel the need to make a purchase, we suggest the items on this page in particular.

We’ve done the research and/or used any products that we would list here, and have determined that they fit our needs best. We won’t post anything that we feel doesn’t meet that criteria.

On some of the items that we feel strongly about, we possibly have an affiliate relationship with the company selling the product, and we may make a commission from the sale. So, we are very careful about what we put here! Any compensation earned from those sales are used to continue to bring to our readers free of cost.



Hiking and Backpacking Gear

Lisa really liked an older version of this pack on the El Camino.

And stayed hydrated with something very similar to this…

Several more really great hking products that we use, here

Golf Gear

These are my favorite golf balls! They are great for the high average golfer due to their softness. That makes them very forgiving. I lose a tiny bit of spin control around the greens, but not enough to affect my score. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages!

If I’m playing a short course. I like these golf balls. If I’m on a course where long drives aren’t a big factor, I like the better spin control around the greens that I get with these….

We’ll keep adding more links as we find stuff worthy enough to talk about for golfing, here


AKA, stuff we find cool….