His and Hers Road Trip -Meat, meet Quirk

Deane and I are always looking for ways to remain on our “first date” with each other. We have the good fortune that we both like to do several of the same activities – road trips, cooking, hiking, going for walks, DIY projects and more. This is the story of our his and hers road trip….

When we hear of fun things to do around town or of an interesting bistro opening up, we jot it down on a perpetual list. This means that when we are looking for something to do, bam, list is ready to go. No wasting time (and losing interest) looking for good ideas.

We have heard that some couples find it hard to find things to do where each of the people finds the activity fun and interesting. I was thinking about this dilemma, and thought what if you took what each person liked and married it up with what the other person likes?

So, instead of the old stand by of going to dinner and a movie, you go to a bistro, that person A wants to try out, and then go bowling which is the thing that person B likes to do? That way you both are able to do what you like, but you also get to enjoy the company of your Honey Bunny.

Let’s say the person who likes bowling would like to bowl 3 games and hang out and have drinks, but the person who would like to try out the new bistro would also like to start with drinks and stay for dessert. So why not both give in a little and mash your ideas together for the sake of couple bonding time? Do people still say “bonding time?”

Like all good things in life, this will take practice, patience, and a bit of give and take. I think it is well worth it. When Deane and I got together he loved to bike and hike. We went a few times and I ended up crabby and miserable because I felt I was dragging him down and making activities he loved miserable by my slow pace and lack of skill. After I finally was honest with him, he told me that the slower pace didn’t bother him at all and that he loved that we were together and that he thought I was improving each time we tried it again. Wow, honesty and openness, who knew?


Here are a few I am still working on fusing together –

Quilt making and rock concerts / rock climbing and napping / skydiving and gardening.

Successful mash ups – making homemade granola bars and trail mix to take on a hike. DIY projects – I dream them up and Deane does them, just kidding, I usually do demo and Deane usually puts things back together. Although the word bugs me, I’m a great “helper.”


We have a great time picking out plants together, schlepping rocks together, and working on the actual project together.

Road trips

Making them fun and memorable. We usually come up with some silly idea, and I will often make the music playlist and food for the road. Deane will usually map it out, after we agree on the stops, and get the car ready. Again, have a little give and take in your schedule and in your approach. It goes a long way.

And now we present to you – His and Hers -Meat and Quirk Road Trip!

We started out in the Twin Cities and made a loop.

Greg’s Meats

Our first stop was Greg’s Meats. Greg’s boasts a full service meat and sausage shop with a total of 205 State and National awards, including 5 National Grand Champion products as listed: Jerky, Hot Dogs, Summer Sausages, Ring Bologna, and Smoked Turkey.

Next up, a little quirk.


Rumor has it the giant sunbather is named Sandy. Very fitting, don’t you think? The Viking also cannot be missed.

Sandy from His and Hers Road Trip -Meat, meet Quirk

Eilen & Sons Trucking 2250 Hampton Blvd. Hampton, MN 55031

Edel’s Meat Market

Next up was Montgomery, MN to visit Edel’s Meat Market . Edel’s had for sale, Czech sausage that we did not see anywhere else on our tour.

When we arrived in Montgomery, MN we were greeted with a lovely surprise – we happened to visit on the weekend they were having Kolacky Days!

Celebrating all things Czech and some quirk too! We loved the vintage snowmobile show, vintage car show and of course, sampling the kolackys!

Schmidt’s Meat Market

Next stop – Schmidt’s Meat Market-319 Pine St, Nicollet, MN 56074 – Schmidt’s Meat Market, Inc. is proud to still be a family owned and operated old-fashioned meat market. It is Southern Minnesota’s largest and most complete meat center providing fresh retail meats, a wide variety of award-winning specialty sausages, deli meats, cheeses and salads, custom butchering and wild game processing.

While I was in the parking lot, my excitement must have shown on my face because an elderly gentleman looked at me and asked, “You’re not from Nicollet, are you?”

I am not from Nicollet, but I was certainly overjoyed to shop at Schmidt’s. We did sample and buy meat, but we also bought some delicious specialty products – Garlic Mayo, BBQ sauce, and Schmidt’s mild chow chow. What a delight.

New Ulm, Minnesota

16 miles from Nicollet, MN is New Ulm, MN – An absolutely magnificent Minnesota small town with plenty of quirk and charm!

The Glockenspiel clock has a set schedule for visitors to enjoy the emerging 12 rotating figures that reveal themselves like a cu-cu clock at certain hours. We had a bit of a wait until the next chime so we took in the painted fire hydrants, shops, and even found Hermann the German’s footprint! After we saw the Glockenspiel chiming, we also stopped at the Hermann the German Statue. Located in: Hermann Heights Park Address: 10 Monument St, New Ulm, MN 56073

The Glockenspiel from His and Hers Road Trip -Meat, meet Quirk
The Glockenspiel

Belgrade, Minnesota

Next stop – Belgrade, MN to see the World’s Largest Crow!

World;s largest crow from His and Hers Road Trip -Meat, meet Quirk
World’s largest Crow!


We are on a quirk roll! Time to get serious with the oddities! It was a bit difficult to find, but we did it! Glenwood, MN – AKA Pottyville – a private collection of outhouses all decorated with unique themes.

Address: 16208 SW Amelia Rd, Glenwood, MN

Directions: Between Glenwood and Villard north of Hwy 28, on a street along the west side of Amelia Lake.

Thielen Meats of Little Falls

The next morning we went to Thielen Meats of Little Falls, MN.

They provide a full line of quality beef, pork, chicken, seafood and poultry. Their large variety of sausages, cold cuts, smoked bacon and more are all fresh made and smoked right there in their clean modern sausage kitchen. In addition to meats, we purchased some Thielen Meats Vidalia Onion Steak Sauce and Buckwheat grits!

St Joseph Meat Market

St Joseph Meat Market – St Joseph, MN.

Their efforts have received national recognition after winning National 1st Place and National Best of Show for their Maple Breakfast links.

Their Braunschweiger received a 2nd place award in National Competition and their Fresh Pork Sausage was also recognized for excellence by their peers.

I counted over 60 types of sausages. *** If you are not from Minnesota, I would like to suggest the Tater Tot Hotdish brats and the Funeral Hotdish brats. Doesn’t get any more hometown quaint than those.

What sort of combinations have you come up with? What new spin did you apply to an old date?

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