About Us

We are Lisa and Deane. We have a small house in St. Paul, Minnesota that we are constantly working on updating. Our two dogs dominate the living spaces in the home. We have three adult children between us, from previous marriages, who all have places of their own to call home. 

     Lisa enjoys Yoga, for some reason that I can’t comprehend, cooking, and is amazing at it!, creating craft items, travel, being outdoors, house projects, and spending time with her family. 

     I enjoy most of those things as well, along with my obsessions with golf, downhill skiing, yardwork (although I say that I don’t like it), and occasional flirtations with hockey and various other adrenaline fixes.

     Both of us are suffering the effects of empty nest-middle age-still have to go to workism, as many others our age are doing. 

     So, we thought….. why not write about it? We have a tendency to find fun things to do and really wanted to share with you. 

About us page photo of Lisa and Deane